free workshop

Medtitaion brings our Inner sun to the fore, which feeds us with inner peace and joy. Everyone has this Inner sun and everyone has the capacity to live a happy, healthy and peaceful life. Meditation helps us in remembering this Inner treasure which lies in the depths of our heart.

Antaranga Gressenich – a disciple for over 30 years of Meditation teacher Sri Chinmoy – guides you with simple meditation techniques in another world – the Inner world – where we can experience the silence and beauty of your True self. 

Sri Chinmoys path is the path of the Heart – of praying and meditating – where we simply and lovingly focus on our Spiritual Heart. We feel that in our heart are all the good qualities – we only need to bring them to the fore. This is where meditation helps us und guides us to detach ourselves from thoughts, ideas and emotions and to bring us back to our Inner Sea of Peace.

Spend with us one weekend in May to experience the Sea of Peace right inside your heart. To get further information about the dates and the location – kindly contact us under: +43 680 2368027.

We are looking forward meeting you!