meditation class for free

We offer you this june free meditation classes!

You will learn simple meditation techniques, breathing and visualisation exercises. Equipped with these techniques you will be able to live a life with more peace, poise, joy and calmness.

We are happy to welcome you in our vegen-vegetarian Restaurant The Heart of Joy! 

Please contact us to get further information about date and time.

“Peace means joy.

Joy means peace.

Peace and joy can never be seperated.” -Sri Chinmoy



Sound Journey

sound journey for free

We invite you to go with us on a journey.  A journey where there are no thoughts, ideas, emotions – only sublte sounds inside your heart.

Experience a Sound Journey in our vegan-vegetarian Restaurant The Heart of Joy this Friday.

Our friends Usika – owner from the local World-Music-Store Ghandarva Loka, Max and Raga will perform on a variety of unique instruments. The Music Store Ghandarva Loka is only 7 minutes by walking away from our restaurant. You will be surprised by the huge and precious number of instruments in the shop. You can visit the store Monday to Saturday from 10 am and try never seen instruments. 

This week on Friday the 8th of June at 8:30 pm you can experience in our Restaurant unique sounds and enjoy the meditative atmosphere: an unforgettable experience.

“Next to silence is Music the best expression for the unspeakable…”

-Sri Chinmoy