Meditation class

free meditation class

Meditation: The Language of God

“It is only through meditation that we can get lasting peace, divine peace. If we meditate soulfully in the morning and receive peace for only one minute, that one minute of peace will permeate our whole day. And when we have a meditation of the highest order, then we get really abiding peace, light and delight. We need meditation because we want to grow in light and fulfil ourselves in light. If this is our aspiration, if this is our thirst, then meditation is the only way.” – Sri Chinmoy from the book “Meditation: Man-Perfection in God-Satisfaction”

We are inviting you to a new meditation class in December. Bring friends and family and either deepen your meditation practice or as a beginner get inspired by learning simple meditation techniques for home. The class lasts for four to six weeks and starts at 8 pm for approximately 90 minutes. The entry is free. For more information call +43 680 2368027.

“Early in the morning invite God your Friend, your real Friend, your only Friend, to walk along with you during the entire day.” – Sri Chinmoy

We are very happy to meditate with you!


Mantra singing

mantra singing

“Soulful music is the music that immediately elevates our consciousness to the highest. Soulful music takes us into the world of aspiration. From aspiration we enter into the world of realisation, where our inner existence is flooded with light and delight.” – Sri Chinmoy from the book “Meditation: Man-Perfection in God-Satisfaction

We happily invite you to a mantric evening where everybody can join and sing with us some of Sri Chinmoys soulful meditative songs and mantras. This event will be on the 4th of december and starts at 8pm. The entrance is free.

“Soulful music is the music that wants to eventually transform our consciousness. It carries us into the Universal Consciousness and makes us feel that we are in tune with the highest, with the deepest, with the farthest.” – Sri Chinmoy from the book “Meditation: Man-Perfection in God-Satisfaction

We are looking forward to welcome you in The Heart of Joy!

Pedacola – the austrian coke


Pedacola is an invention from Peter Leitner from the region Mühlviertel in Upper Austria. Quickly he built up a reputation for his local coke – the Pedacola – which you can enjoy now in The Heart of Joy.

The hilly austrian district Mühlviertel – north from Linz – is the perfect spot to cultivate the main ingredient for his drink: the appleringie. 100% natural ingredients are making the drink so unique and tasty. Appleringie originally comes from the wearout plants and grows very easy no matter how hot or cold it is.

Since three years Peter dedicates himself full-time to his refreshing herbal drink. Remarkable is that his coke is white. Precicsly because Peter is avoiding caramel coloring and the cola nut. Therefore his drink is decaffeinated and loved by children aswell.

Peter loves to take care of the environment. This is why he cultivates the appleringie plants from six to eight different farmers in his region. In this way he reduces monoculture and saves the soil from partial planting. Another ingredient is the organic beet sugar which grows at the farm of Michael Luftensteiner in the beautiful Upper Austria region. Mint, vanilla and lemon are more ingredients of Pedacola.

In the small village of Pabneukirchen Pedacola is being soaked and filled into bottles by Johann Steiner – a dear friend of Peter. Peter loves simplicty – this is why he is packing and labelling the glass bottles with the fizzy drink on his own. He also delivers his creation to our restaurant.

All in all a 100% local organic product which is lovely fizzy and refreshing without any enhanced flavors. Mixed with sparkling water and a slice of lemon is Pedacola a wonderful organic tasty drink. Visit our restaurant and enjoy Pedacola.


Our Vegan moor bread

moor bread anthering

Every Thursday we are getting something really special to offer to our guests: the healthy and vegan moor bread. But what is so special about this dark bread? First of all it is produced from a local bakery in Anthering – very close to Salzburg: Bakery Schmidhuber. Second, it includes the drinkable moor from the local company “SonnenMoor” – translated Sun moor – located aswell in Anthering. Furthermore, the moor is a pure and natural product and has no preservatives added. The moor comes from one of the most precious layers of the moor region in Leopoldskron in Salzburg.

The very wholesome bread includes rye and spelt flour and is enriched with fresh walnuts and carrots. To make the bread more digestable the bakery is using some spices like fennel, coriander and caraway. The fine drinking moor makes the bread moist aswell and offers us important minerals and trace elements. Our vegan  moor bread is a very healthy energy supplier and is most delicous with our homemade vegan spread with chickpeas and fresh herbs. Enjoy!

 Be inspired by the following clips:

Production in the bakery Schmidhuber

Ingredients of the moor bread

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Piano and Guitar Concert

Pavaka from Montreal and Vapushtara from Amsterdam visit The Heart of Joy. They offer subtle guitar sounds and soft piano arrangements. All songs are composed by Sri Chinmoy. This spiritual music opens our heart and let us experience peace and calmness in ourselves. Visit us on the 19th of November at 8 pm and enjoy an evening of peace and meditation. Free entrance!

“How can I have peace? Not by talking about peace. But by walking along the road of peace.” – Sri Chinmoy