If you are mindful of your health, love nature and your fellow human beings, then The Heart of Joy Café in Salzburg might just be the place for you. No matter whether you live just around the corner or you come from afar. And even if you are just eager to enjoy a scrumptious piece of cake accompanied by a delicious cup of the finest coffee: in our coffeehouse you are sure to experience the sweetness of life in a tasty but worry-free way. After all, we create our homemade, healthy cakes primarily by using fair traded organic ingredients.

More than 900 of our guests have already honored our efforts by awarding our coffeehouse 4,6 stars on Google Maps and by posting enthusiastic comments, like: “Lovely service, food and location! The cashew berry cake was amazing :)“ And the Tripadvisor lists us as one of the top seven coffeehouses in Salzburg, having granted us the certificate of excellence in 2018 and 2019.

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Over the years, our coffeehouse turned restaurant has become a favorite of vegans. With many of our special recipes we also cater to the needs of those suffering from food allergies and we feel proud that our meditative, open-hearted atmosphere attracts an increasing number of spiritually minded people. You can find our oasis of relaxtion alongside an avenue of plane trees, close to the Mirabellgarten and only a ten minutes walk from the centre of town. Here, we are always eager to serve you one of our all-time favorites, our vegan apple pie (4 €) created from organic spelt flour and birch sugar.

The Cake Special of the Day

Our sought-after cake special of the day (4 €) comes in often surprising variations like rainbow colors or filled with seasonal fruits. We alternately offer a strawberry-rhubarb cake, fruit pies or a cheesecake in the colors of the rainbow. And just in case you are wondering: we don’t use artificial coloring to achieve the effect, but mangoes, matcha, berries and lemony curd.

Vegan Delights

Our customers comment that all our cakes are delightful to look at. But it is their delicious taste that has especially the vegan lovers coming back for just that one more slice of berry-nut cake (3,80 €). Or maybe another chocolate muffin (3,10 €). Not to forget those tempting gluten-free organic brownies (2,50 €). But the cake of choice for anyone hungry, in need of power and something sweet, is certainly the vegan berry-nut cake (3,80 €).

Raw Vegan Treats Full of Vitamins

For those who prefer their snack to be super healthy on top of being delicious, we have created two treats just for you: our raw cashew cakes (4 €) have never seen the inside of an oven, they are sweetened with the help of organic dates and organic agave syrup and don’t contain gluten. If you order the red version, you will enjoy the fruity taste of wild berries, while the green one will surprise you with a mixture of lemony, tropical and berrylike flavors that derive from dried fruits seasoned with a dash of organic spirulina, sprouts and other greens.

Gluten-Free Delicacy

If you prefer your treat to be gluten-free and fully baked, you might want to try our carrot-almond cake (3,80 €). And if you happen to be a chocolate lover, why not indulge in our nut-free chocolate mousse cake (3,80 €).

Carrot Almond Cake

To Top it All Off

Who can refuse this special extra, which adds just this little something to every cake? For those of you who can’t, we offer our organic cream (0,80 €) also available as soy-based. And for even more culinary delight, you can top it all off with a scoop of vanilla ice cream (1,30 €), also available in soy.

And because we love our Mother Nature, our team takes great care when choosing the ingredients for our products. Therefore, we get the eggs we use for our non-vegan cakes exclusively from free-range, happy chicken and local farmers.

Coffee and Cake in The Heart of Joy

Who doesn’t love a cup of steaming hot tea or coffee with his cake? Which is why we are probably offering the most extensive choice of hot beverages of all the cafes and restaurants in Salzburg. For your cup of exceptional coffee, our baristas brew the more-than-fair traded organic Prem Frischkaffee using LaCimbali, one of the world’s best coffee machines. Our guests regularly praise our aromatic Cappuccino, Espresso, Affogato, Latte Macchiato, Cortado and the local speciality: Verlängerter. During the hot season, you might be inspired to discover our delightful, refreshing coffee with a coup of vanilla ice cream topped with organic cream. For our vegan lovers we also offer a soy version. And just in case you can’t do without it, both are also available in winter.

Iced Coffee


For those not enjoying the stimulating effect of caffeine, you can always order our organic grain coffee. And if you do like stimulation but not from caffeine, you can always choose our guarana based organic ReiChi coffee available Pur, Latte or with ice cream.

Precious Ayurvedic Teas

If you happen to be a tea-lover, then you will be delighted with both, the variety and the quality of the teas in The Heart of Joy. Ranging from the classical kinds in organic quality (Earl Grey, English Breakfast, peppermint, herbal, fruit) to the 50 different ayurvedic teas, we easily offer the most extensive and healthy selection of this hot beverage in Salzburg. And did you know that many viruses really don’t appreciate green or cistus tea? The ayurvedic teas, on the other side, come in handy if you want to calm your Vata, Pitta or Kapha, try to relax your nerves, support one of your inner organs or other parts of your body.

Alternately, you can order hot ginger or lemon water while you enjoy the warm atmosphere of the café itself. Although in summer, you might prefer to sit outside in the sun or in the shade under the trees.

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