Our Vegan moor bread

moor bread anthering

Every Thursday we are getting something really special to offer to our guests: the healthy and vegan moor bread. But what is so special about this dark bread? First of all it is produced from a local bakery in Anthering – very close to Salzburg: Bakery Schmidhuber. Second, it includes the drinkable moor from the local company “SonnenMoor” – translated Sun moor – located aswell in Anthering. Furthermore, the moor is a pure and natural product and has no preservatives added. The moor comes from one of the most precious layers of the moor region in Leopoldskron in Salzburg.

The very wholesome bread includes rye and spelt flour and is enriched with fresh walnuts and carrots. To make the bread more digestable the bakery is using some spices like fennel, coriander and caraway. The fine drinking moor makes the bread moist aswell and offers us important minerals and trace elements. Our vegan  moor bread is a very healthy energy supplier and is most delicous with our homemade vegan spread with chickpeas and fresh herbs. Enjoy!

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Production in the bakery Schmidhuber

Ingredients of the moor bread