Mantra Singing Session

We are happy to invite you for our mantra singing concert this Thursday -19th July 2018.

Together we will sing devotional songs composed by spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy this week at 7:30 pm in The Heart of Joy Café. Mantras are helping us tremendously in calming the mind, being in the here and now and in offering devotion to the higher force within us.

Visit us this Thursday and experience a mantric meditation evening. This event is for free.


Indian Sitar Concert

Dear Sitar friends!

We happily invite you to a free meditation concert. Kanala from Vienna  and Raga from Salzburg are playing for us Sri Chinmoys songs on the indian sitar and tampura.

You can enjoy an evenig full of soulful sounds and a peaceful atmosphere.

Come to The Heart of Joy Café und Restaurant this Thursday 5th of July at 7:30 pm.


The Heart of Joy Café & Restaurant

Mantra-Singing this June

Mantra Singen im The Heart of Joy

We invite you to our public mantra-singing session in the vegan-vegetarian Restaurant The Heart of Joy.

A Mantra has infinite power. If you want inner purification, a peaceful mind or inner joy – then chanting a mantra helps you tremendously.

Disciples of the spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy are inviting you to sing selected mantras on peace – which inspire you to dive deep within and allow you easily to enter into meditation. Let go all thoughts, emotions, ideas and sing from the depths of your heart.

We are happy to welcome you on the 14th of June at 8 pm.

“In the very depths of my meditation I clearly see my soul singing and dancing.” – Sri Chinmoy

Meditative Sound-Journey

We invite you to go with us on a journey.  A journey where there are no thoughts, ideas, emotions – only sublte sounds inside your heart.

Experience a Sound-Journey in our vegan-vegetarian Restaurant The Heart of Joy this Friday.

Our friends Usika – owner from the local World-Music-Store Ghandarva Loka, Max and Raga will perform on a variety of unique instruments. The Music Store Ghandarva Loka is only 7 minutes by walking away from our restaurant. You will be surprised by the huge and precious number of instruments in the shop. You can visit the store Monday to Saturday from 10 am and try never seen instruments. 

This week on Friday the 8th of June at 8:30 pm you can experience in our Restaurant unique sounds and enjoy the meditative atmosphere: an unforgettable experience.

“Next to silence is Music the best expression for the unspeakable…”

-Sri Chinmoy



Pentacost concert in St. Gilgen

Dear A Cappella Fans!

We happily invite you to this unforgettable concert of the men choir “Oneness-Dream” in the Church of St. Gilgen at the Wolfgang lake.

This international a cappella singing group soulfully performs compositions from the spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy. These concerts take place all around the world in places of worship of all faiths – for these sacred places are the perfect setting for songs of pure devotion to the highest.

Join us to this Pentacost Meditation Concert – free of charge – in the “Pfarrkiche St. Gilgen” on this Sunday – 20th of May at 1:15 pm.

Listen to this audio sample of the group “Oneness-Dream”: Audio 


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Meditation Concert

In May we invite you to a relaxing and meditative evening in The Heart of Joy Café in Salzburg!

On a regular basis we offer meditation concerts always free of charge. This month Kanala from Vienna and his friend Sadanand from Ireland are visiting us to play for us the music from Sri Chinmoy on classical indian instruments. Kanala plays his favourite Sitar and Sadanand is accompaning him on the Tabla.

Come in on the 18th of May at 8:30 pm and enjoy a peaceful evening full of indian sounds. Listen to this audio sample:  Kanala & Sadanand

Before the concert starts you are warmly welcome to enjoy our vegan – vegetarian food. Try our homemade mango lassi, our fruity berry nut cake with chocolate or something salty like our vegan Curry, Dhal or delicous Ciabattas.

We are happy to welcome you!


“The music of the heart
Awakens me.” – Sri Chinmoy – Musician, poet, athlete, spiritual teacher

Free Meditation Workshop

We offer in our Restaurant not only delicous vegan-vegetarian food – we give Meditation workshops aswell. Free of charge always!

In May our good friend from Canada – Shishir Pauk – visists us and will provide you with some simple meditation techniques for home, some mantras you can use and how to calm the mind. In his workshops Shishir uses lots of joy and humour from the heart and answers happily your question on meditation and spirituality.

Contact us to get the Workshop dates and times: +43 680-23 680 27

We are looking forward to welcome you in “The Heart of Joy Café” for a peaceful and deep meditaion evening.


Fairtrade Coffee with Vegan Milk

Our guests love our coffee.

We use a coffee machine of the Italian company La Cimbali to create our tasty coffee. La Cimbali has a history of over a 100 years in producing professional coffee machines.

Are you adventurous? Then try our delicious fairtrade coffee with organic vegan milk. You can choose between Rice, Soy and Oat milk.