meditation concert

The swiss female choir “Mountain Silence” is visiting us and offers us a meditative concert evening. Our vegan-vegetarian restaurant “The Heart of Joy” is the perfect location to celebrate an evening of peace and harmony. The spiritual songs are composed by spiritual teacher and musician Sri Chinmoy – who aswell inspired our restaurant and from whom we got our beautiful name “The Heart of Joy”. The songs are accompanied by an indian harmonium, cello, guitar, chinese erhu, metallophon and violin. Join us for this joyful and peaceful evening this saturday – 3th of november – at 8:30 pm. We are very happy to welcome and serve you! There is no entrance fee.

free meditation class

This octobre we start another free meditation class. Join our meditation evenings and experience vastness, calmness, peace and joy. Meditation helps us to balance our being – to look at life in a positive way – to observe rather than to judge – to be consciously aware of our good qualities and from others. Meditation offers us the opportuniy to dive deep within  – to listen to our sublte inner voice and to swim in the sea of peace. Start your journey – the journey into your heart. For more information contact us +43 680 2368027.

Have a joyful and peaceful day!


free flute and piano concert

We happily invite you to a very special concert tomorrow – 6th of october – in The Heart of Joy Café. The internationally well known composer and pianist Gina Lenée Perkins and highly apprecciated musician and composer Premik Russel Tubbs  – are visiting us to give us a peaceful meditation concert. We invite you all to experience sublte sounds and soulful arrangements tomorrow night at 8:30 pm. For more information contact +43 680 2368027.

Learn more about the artists: Gina Lenée Perkins and Premik Russel Tubbs.