In The Heart of Joy we are offering to vegan fans very delicious desserts. Our raw vegan cakes are extremely famous. Selected dried fruits, cocnut oil and cashew nuts are making this cake so rich and special in taste. We serve other plant-based cakes aswell like our fine apple-spelt cake with xylitol, berry-nut cake and the vegan choco-muffin are making every vegan happy. Vegan wipped cream? Sure. Our lactose-free wipped cream tastes perfect with our cakes.

We invite you to try our vegan milk alternatives for our coffes and chai teas. For years we receive high quality vegan milk from the swiss company “Soyana- The Secrets of Perfection Flames”. Try our mild rice, oat or soy milk for your next coffee.

Monday till Friday we are serving a daily special which often is vegan or optionally vegan. Whether a vegan  polenta roll, vegan vegetable lasagne or a plant-based mountain lentil stew. There is something for everybody. Have you tried our curry? It is always vegan and full of fresh veggies, love and joy.

“Along with spiritual food, earthly food also is necessary to make the journey of the spirit towards the Absolute Height.” – Sri Chinmoy

veganes vanillekipferl im cafe

A real vegan treat!

This traditional austrian yeast roll is made into a crescent shape and tastes just perfect with a cup of tea or coffee after a delicious meal in The Heart of Joy. Made with lots of love – our kiflis are homemade, vegan and with our flavouring ingredients a delightful dessert.

Visit The Heart of Joy Café and be enchanted by our wintery vegan desserts.


We happily invite you to another meditative concert evening in The Heart of Joy Café. Next friday on the 21st at 8:30 pm we offer you a peaceful musical event. The subtle sounds from the indian sitar and the pure expression from the tambura are bringing down lasting peace. While listening with your heart you can feel and experience pure meditation. Join us in this soulful journey.

“Every day my soul tries to lift me to the heights of summit-joy.”

– Sri Chinmoy from “The Jewels of Happiness”