Free Meditation Event

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“The ultimate aim of meditation is to establish our conscious union with God. We are all God´s children, but right now we do not have conscious oneness with God. Someone may believe in God, but this belief is not a reality in his life. He just believes in God because some saint or Yogi or spiritual Master has said there is a God or because he has read about God in spiritual books. But if we practise meditation, a day comes when we establish our conscious oneness with God. At that time, God gives us His infinite peace, infinite light and infinite bliss, and we grow into this infinite peace, light and bliss.”

Sri Chinmoy from the book: Meditation: Man-Perfection in God-Satisfaction

Join our free meditation Sri Chinmoy Evening on the 6th of June! We will meditate together and listen to the soulful compositions of Spiritual Master Sri Chinmoy that will help us to silence our thoughts and enter into our inner vastness and peace.

Contact us to get further information: + 43 680 2368027

We are happy to welcome you!