Our new menu

new menu in The Heart of Joy

We proudly present you our new printed menu! Printed are the menus on the top with Sri Chinmoys “Soulbirds” – this is how Sri Chinmoy – spiritual teacher and artist – calls his spiritual art.

Sri Chinmoy says about his art:

“For me, birds have a very special significance on a spiritual level. They fly in the sky, and the sky is all freedom. So when the birds fly in the sky, they remind me of the soul’s infinite freedom. The soul has come from Heaven. When we think of birds, we are also reminded of our Source, and this gives us enormous joy.” – Sri Chinmoy

Check our blog with daily art by Sri Chinmoy: Art by Sri Chinmoy

We are happy to welcome you in “The Heart of Joy” – your vegan-vegetarian restaurant.