Our “La Cimbali”…

prem coffee

Our organic coffee “prem frischkaffee”

We prepare our coffee in a real italian master maschine “La Cimbali” – a fine portafilter maschine.

Thanks to two portafilters, a high functional milk frother and the ergonomic design is the “La Cimbali – M39 Te” the best companion for our coffee business.

“When you prepare drinks especially coffee -you need experience and a sensible feeling for a good shot. When you want to do tea, cappuccino or just an espresso – with this unique maschine you can do everything at the same time . This makes our service so smooth.”, says Martin – Barista in The Heart of Joy.

Stop by and enjoy a refreshing Affogato (exquisite espresso with vanilla ice cream) or a vegan Cappuccino with soy,- rice- or oatmilk.

You definintely will find something special in our vegan-vegetarian menu. We are happy to welcome you!