Meditation class

meditation class

Happily we invite you to another great event in The Heart of Joy – your vegan-vegetarian restaurant. In september we start with a new meditation class. In these sessions you will learn simple meditation techniques such as concentration, visualisations and pranayama-breathing exercises. We will also sing and chant togehter soulful mantras to encourage you in your daily meditation practice. Meditation really simplifies your life, energises your life and gives your life new joy and purpose. With the art of meditation you are able to cope with daily difficulties at work, in family and with friends. You will find your peace deep inside and from there you will love, serve and grow.

Start your inner journey in september. The classes are based on the teachings of one of the wordly high appreciated spiritual teachers: Sri Chinmoy.

The meditation class is free of charge and will be in the evening. For more information contact us +43 680 2368027.