Discount for Vegan Community

We offer to all the members of the Vegan Community Austria (Vegane Gesellschaft) a special discount. Become a member on and you get 10 % discount every day from 3 pm on all our drinks and dishes. If you are a member you get cheaper prices  not only in restaurants and cafés but also in organic shops. 

In The Heart of Joy we cook daily fresh and tasty vegan food: vegan Currys, Indian Dhal with lentils, Falafel Wrap and vegan Sandwiches are loved by every vegan and non-vegan. 

On the weekends we are open till 8:30 pm. That means more time to enjoy our vegan drinks, coffees, and cakes! The cakes are really tasty and healthy aswell. The Raw Cakes from cashew nuts, coconut oil, dates and dried fruits are unique in Salzburg! 

“When we devotedly serve the world,

We offer our humility ,

Our capacity and our feeling of oneness.” – Sri Chinmoy