Corona: proven effective prevention & treatment.

Prevention and treatment of COVID-19

Are there now scientifically or experientially proven medicines and natural substances to effectively protect against or treat a Corona infection? About 31 per cent of Corona patients are vaccinated, according to data from the Robert Koch Institute from the beginning of November. Among intensive care patients, about 20 per cent were vaccinated. How can people who have concerns about vaccination protect themselves and others? What can vaccinated people do additionally to protect themselves and others?

Physician Joseph Varon, Chief of Staff & Chief of Critical Care at the U.S. hospital United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, Texas has already had more than 1600 interviews on television and other media because the death rate of admitted patients with COVID-19 at his hospital is 6.7%. That’s one-third the death rate internationally and compared to the average for hospitals in the United States. An insightful video clip in which Dr. Varon reveals the recipe for his success can be found on the video platform »

What medications does Dr. Varon, professor of acute and continuing care, use to achieve a far better cure rate? Current lists of the effective drug combinations that he and a team of experienced professors of medicine and physicians » use and recommend against COVID-19 and its variants can be found on the website ».

The lists, which range from prevention to normal treatment in the hospital to treatment in the intensive care unit, include vitamin C and D3, zinc, quercetin, black cumin seed, turmeric, honey, melatonin and ivermectin ».

Dr. Varon and his colleagues have tried a number of things to cure their patients infected with COVID-19, and they continue to do research. On page 4 of the document Complete Guide to the care of the COVID-19 Patient » anyone can see what has worked and what has not.

Doctors in German-speaking countries who treat corona infections with the drug combination of Dr Varon and colleagues include Dr Markus Hell of Paracelsus Medical Private University and its clinics, as well as doctors from the Barmherzige Brüder Hospital in Munich. Other doctors from all over the world who do this can be found on the list of the website

Homeopathy very effective in treating COVID-19 infected patients

homoeopathyA homeopathic form of treating the symptoms of corona infections is also described as very effective by Dr. Wurster, a Swiss physician. Dr. Wurster performed homeopathic tumor treatment for 20 years at Clinica St. Croce in Ticino, led by Dr. Dario Spinedi, and has been running his own practice since 2019. has a PDF of his article in the Allgemeine Homöpathische Zeitung » published by Haug Verlag on successful corona infection treatment, with details of cases and various homeopathic remedies.

The consequences of a corona infection can be varied, ranging from prolonged fatigue and persistent muscle pain to shortness of breath and persistent dry cough due to damage to the lung tissue. Successful treatment of symptoms following corona infection by physicians working homeopathically is documented in issue 1/21 of the journal “Spektrum der Homöopathie.”

Also vaccination damages can be repaired by a professionally correct homoeopathic treatment mostly partly or completely, which was already documented in many books ». The earlier the treatment of vaccination damage that occurs, the more successful it usually is.

On page 9 of the PDF of his webinar » of April 4, 2020, Dr. André Saine N.D. of the American Institute of Homeopathy, a homeopathy teacher in great demand in Canada, the U.S. and Europe, explained the effectiveness of homeopathy in pneumonia caused by viruses. He showed in a comparison that during the Spanish flu in the fall and winter of 1918-1919, the mortality rate of patients treated with homeopathy who had pneumonia was 0.7%, while the mortality rate, of patients treated only conventionally at that time, of the entire US Army with pneumonia was 5.8%.

Is there scientific evidence for the effectiveness of natural remedies against corona?

grapefruit seed extractBecause coronaviruses often enter the body through the nasal passages, the U.S. manufacturer of the nasal spray Xlear had the spray’s effectiveness against coronaviruses tested. The spray, which is composed of grapefruit seed extract (0.2%), xylitol (11%), which is also known as birch sugar or xylitol, salt (0.85%) and purified water, showed in a study » a significant reduction of coronaviruses on cell cultures in the glass dish. The spray is easy to make yourself. The study authors’ recommendation, including physician Gustavo Ferrer », president of critical care experts at the Aventura Pulmonary Institute in Florida, USA: “Because there are no risk factors in using the X/GSE combination therapy, and the nasal spray is over the counter available without a prescription, … adoption of this preventive anti-viral therapy should be encouraged.”

In a second study » , use of the nasal spray resulted in accelerated resolution in infected individuals with mild-moderate symptoms, leading the study authors to conclude that the “Xlear nasal spray, containing xylitol plus GSE, given its established safety profile and compelling clinical results described here, could be a potential adjunct treatment option in mild-moderate COVID-19 cases.” The spray can be used not only for the nasal passages, but also for the oral cavity and throat, where coronaviruses like to multiply.

Study shows: Cistus tea is effective against coronavirus

Cystus incanus L.Two other German studies with cell cultures in a glass dish (in vitro) indicate the possibility of prevention against corona infections with cistus tea (Cystus Incanus L.) or Cystus 052 extract (dried extract of cistus tea). They were commissioned by the company Pandalis, manufacturer of the Cystus052 extract in the form of lozenges.

Prof. Dr. med. Jens-Martin Träder from the Institute of General Medicine at the University of Lübeck concludes: “In previous studies, a special extract from Cistus × incanus L. Pandalis (Cystus Pandalis® extract) has already proven to be effective against SARS-CoV-2 in vitro. … Due to the high in vitro activity against the new variants, it also appears reasonable in the future to use Cystus Pandalis® as prophylaxis against infections with SARS-CoV-2. A development of resistance is unlikely. People tolerate the extract very well. It has no significant side effects.” The second study » examined the efficacy of cistus tea extract against British alpha and South African beta variants.

The mechanism of action of rockrose tea so far prevented the adhesion and penetration of all viruses and their mutations with which research has been conducted. For example, the article “Anti-adhesive properties of plant extracts Cystus052 and Ladania067 as a broadly effective antiviral principle against respiratory viruses” » , which appeared in the journal Phytotherapy in 2013, states: “Pathogens cannot easily escape the relatively non-specific attack by mutation, so that, for example, no resistant influenza pathogens were found after Cystus052 treatment.”

Sports and meditation also strengthen our immune system, as scientific studies show. This is reported by the German working group health insurance » also in connection with viral diseases. More info on a diet, herbs, teas and behaviors that strengthen or support the immune system ».

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