Dive deep within an experience your inner realities. Go on an adventure of your heart. Sri Chinmoys path is the path of the heart. Inside our heart we can find love, bliss, peace and light in abundant measure. It is up to us to bring these qualities to the fore and share them with the rest of the world. 

The door of our spiritual heart is always wide open for us. We only need to learn to be in silence and to travel to our heart room. With simple meditation exercises Shishir from Canada – a long disciple of Sri Chinmoy – helps you to go to this room and feel true peace and joy. Our heart room is the room where we can always go. When we find ourselves in difficult situations or when we just need some protection – just run to your heart and you will find what you need. Inside of us we have all that we need. 

Enter into the world of spirituality and experience with us on the 23th and 24th of September at 7:30 pm moments of deep joy and everlasting satisfaction. 

For further information call 0680 – 23 680 27. 

“To love your heart of love is to love its Source: God.” – Sri Chinmoy 

songs of the soul

The international concert tour “Songs of the Soul” visits in May Austria and Germany. In the concerts between 5 to 8 different music groups present to you the soulful and peaceful music by spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy. Sri Chinmoy himself gave during his life 800 free Peace Concerts and inspired mankind to dive deep within to discover ones inner self. 

Experience an evening full of tranquility, vastness and peace.

“Songs of the Soul” Concerts are in:

5th May Graz

7th May Munich 

8th May Vienna

10th May Gersthofen/Augsburg

According to ancient indian tradition all the concerts are free of charge. But you need tickets for the seats. Information for the free seat tickets you find on the website of “Songs of the Soul”. 

“Wherever you go, go with inspiration and aspiration. Whatever you do, do with love and concern.”

– Sri Chimnoy 


mantra concert

We invite you to our sing along mantra evening in The Heart of Joy!

“Soulful music is the music that wants to eventually transform our consciousness. It carries us into the Universal Consciousness and makes us feel that we are in tune with the highest, with the deepest, with the farthest.”

– Sri Chinmoy

We are very happy to welcome you!

Start is on the 9th of May at 8 pm. Free entry! 

new opening hours

Dearest guests of The Heart of Joy!

We are open for you today, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday from 8 till 7 pm! 

Very happily we are looking forward to welcome you!

“The beauty of my soul is at once birthless and deathless.” – Sri Chimnoy 

free meditation class

Shishir Pauk is a well known author from Canada and meditates already for over 40 years. During his workshops worldwide he inspires the participants to dive deep within. Shishir introduces in a humorous and hearty way the art of meditation. In this meditation class you will learn simple meditation exercises which you can easily use in your everyday life. Meditation offers you peace of mind, poise and lasting joy. Be inspired and discover your inner treasure!  

Call +43 680 23 680 27 for more information. Free entry! 

“Just one smile immensely increases the beauty of the universe.” – Sri Chinmoy 

We offer to all the members of the Vegan Community Austria (Vegane Gesellschaft) a special discount. Become a member on www.vegan.at and you get 10 % discount every day from 3 pm on all our drinks and dishes. If you are a member you get cheaper prices  not only in restaurants and cafés but also in organic shops. 

In The Heart of Joy we cook daily fresh and tasty vegan food: vegan Currys, Indian Dhal with lentils, Falafel Wrap and vegan Sandwiches are loved by every vegan and non-vegan. 

On the weekends we are open till 8:30 pm. That means more time to enjoy our vegan drinks, coffees, and cakes! The cakes are really tasty and healthy aswell. The Raw Cakes from cashew nuts, coconut oil, dates and dried fruits are unique in Salzburg! 

“When we devotedly serve the world,

We offer our humility ,

Our capacity and our feeling of oneness.” – Sri Chinmoy


salzburg songs of the soul

Songs of the Soul – live in Salzburg!

The internationally well known music tour “Songs of the Soul” visits 2019 Salzburg. Music groups from all over the world arrange and perform the soulful music from composer and spiritual leader Sri Chinmoy.

We are extremely happy to invite you to a stunningly beautiful evening on the 22th of March at 7:30 pm in the event venue Odeion in Salzburg – Waldorfstr. 3.

Music is the language that every heart understands. Music helps us to enter into the depths of our hearts and let us experience the ocean of peace and bliss in this hectic world. Visit this concert and take this unique opportunity to elevate your consciousness, to be soulful, peaceful and experience the here and now.

The entry is free – but tickets are required. Simply pick up your tickets in The Heart of Joy Cafe. For more information +43 680 23 68 027.

“Music is the fragrance of the soul.

Music it the perfection of the aspiring heart.” – Sri Chinmoy

blue flower free concert

We happily invite you to two free meditation concerts from the female group “Blue Flower”. This group was formed in Serbia and – like many music groups of the Sri Chinmoy Centre –  Blue Flower combines both Eastern and Western instruments like Harmonium, guitar, djembe and cello. During their concerts they create a unique sound which inspires us to dive deep within. 

Blue Flower tours across Europe and visits in Austria Linz and Salzburg.

Linz: Saturday, 16th February at 7 pm. Ursulinenhof (large hall), Landstraße 31 – Info: +43 66055 88 78

Salzburg: Sunday, 17th February at 3 pm. NH Hotel, Franz-Josef-Strasse 26 – Info: +43 680 23 68 027

We are looking forward to welcome you to these beautiful soulful concerts. Free entry!

“My heart is all gratitude

To music,

For it keeps me all the time

In tune with my universal self.” – Sri Chinmoy


mantra singing

Happy New Year 2019!

We want to start the new year with you with a soulful mantra singing session in The Heart of Joy Café.

We will meet on the 29th of January at 7.30 pm and sing the soulful compositions from spiritual master and composer Sri Chinmoy who lovingly composed thousands of songs in English, Bengali and Sanskrit. Deep in your spiritual heart there all the divine qualities your soul wants to manifest on earth and share with humanity. Singing soulful mantras enables us to dive deeper and deeper into our heart and purely experience our inner beauty of love, peace and joy.

We are very happy to welcome you!

Free entrance!

In The Heart of Joy we are offering to vegan fans very delicious desserts. Our raw vegan cakes are extremely famous. Selected dried fruits, cocnut oil and cashew nuts are making this cake so rich and special in taste. We serve other plant-based cakes aswell like our fine apple-spelt cake with xylitol, berry-nut cake and the vegan choco-muffin are making every vegan happy. Vegan wipped cream? Sure. Our lactose-free wipped cream tastes perfect with our cakes.

We invite you to try our vegan milk alternatives for our coffes and chai teas. For years we receive high quality vegan milk from the swiss company “Soyana- The Secrets of Perfection Flames”. Try our mild rice, oat or soy milk for your next coffee.

Monday till Friday we are serving a daily special which often is vegan or optionally vegan. Whether a vegan  polenta roll, vegan vegetable lasagne or a plant-based mountain lentil stew. There is something for everybody. Have you tried our curry? It is always vegan and full of fresh veggies, love and joy.

“Along with spiritual food, earthly food also is necessary to make the journey of the spirit towards the Absolute Height.” – Sri Chinmoy