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Heart Meditation in June

We are very happy to invite you to inspiring evening sessions in meditation in The Heart of Joy.  Get in touch with an experienced disciple of Sri Chimney who meditates already for over 45 years. Learn simple and very effective meditation techniques for lasting inner poise and peace. Take time for yourself – your inner Self […]

Songs of the Soul 2019

The international concert tour “Songs of the Soul” visits in May Austria and Germany. In the concerts between 5 to 8 different music groups present to you the soulful and peaceful music by spiritual teacher Sri Chinmoy. Sri Chinmoy himself gave during his life 800 free Peace Concerts and inspired mankind to dive deep within […]

Mantra concert

We invite you to our sing along mantra evening in The Heart of Joy! “Soulful music is the music that wants to eventually transform our consciousness. It carries us into the Universal Consciousness and makes us feel that we are in tune with the highest, with the deepest, with the farthest.” – Sri Chinmoy We […]

Opening hours at Easter

Dearest guests of The Heart of Joy! We are open for you today, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday from 8 till 7 pm!  Very happily we are looking forward to welcome you! “The beauty of my soul is at once birthless and deathless.” – Sri Chimnoy 

Free meditation class in April

Shishir Pauk is a well known author from Canada and meditates already for over 40 years. During his workshops worldwide he inspires the participants to dive deep within. Shishir introduces in a humorous and hearty way the art of meditation. In this meditation class you will learn simple meditation exercises which you can easily use […]

Discount for Vegan Community

We offer to all the members of the Vegan Community Austria (Vegane Gesellschaft) a special discount. Become a member on www.vegan.at and you get 10 % discount every day from 3 pm on all our drinks and dishes. If you are a member you get cheaper prices  not only in restaurants and cafés but also in […]

Songs of the Soul – live in Concert

Songs of the Soul – live in Salzburg! The internationally well known music tour “Songs of the Soul” visits 2019 Salzburg. Music groups from all over the world arrange and perform the soulful music from composer and spiritual leader Sri Chinmoy. We are extremely happy to invite you to a stunningly beautiful evening on the […]

Concert with Blue Flower

We happily invite you to two free meditation concerts from the female group “Blue Flower”. This group was formed in Serbia and – like many music groups of the Sri Chinmoy Centre –  Blue Flower combines both Eastern and Western instruments like Harmonium, guitar, djembe and cello. During their concerts they create a unique sound […]

Free Meditation Class

“The ultimate aim of meditation is to establish our conscious union with God. We are all God´s children, but right now we do not have conscious oneness with God. Someone may believe in God, but this belief is not a reality in his life. He just believes in God because some saint or Yogi or […]

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Mantra singing

Happy New Year 2019! We want to start the new year with you with a soulful mantra singing session in The Heart of Joy Café. We will meet on the 29th of January at 7.30 pm and sing the soulful compositions from spiritual master and composer Sri Chinmoy who lovingly composed thousands of songs in […]