Stay Healthy Specials 04.07. – 08.07.

We are looking forward to welcome you!

(1) spices for the immune system

(2) garlic is cleaning the blood and  an immune system booster

(3) organic wheat flour   

(4) organic spelt flour

Visit our new blog entry about proven effective methods for prevention & treatment regarding Corona.

Stay happy and healthy! 


“Indian Masala-Bowl” Indian style spiced veggies with millet, avocado & yoghurt-sauce (L,H,G,M) (1) (2) glutenfree, optional vegan


“Heavenly” Antipasti-veggies (warm) with roasted potatoes, fruit kabob & basel pesto (H,L,M) (1) (2) glutenfree, vegan


“Wos Gsunds” couscous-burgers on cherry tomato sauce with  broccoli, cauliflower & mint-yoghurt-sauce (A,C,G,M,L) (1) (2)


“Un Giorno Italiano” Caponata with eggplants & garlic bread (A,H,M) (1) (2) (4) vegan


“The Heart of Joy” cheddar cheeseburger with fries, home-made mayo & BBQ sauce (L,A,G,F,M,)(1) optional vegan (LIMITED)

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