Stay Healthy Specials 20.09. – 26.09

We are very happy to welcome you!

(1) spices for the immune system

(2) Garlic is cleaning the blood and  an immune system booster

(3) Organic wheat flour   

(4) Organic spelt flour


“O alleingie mio”  Spanish style oven cooked potatoes with saffron, almonds croutons & fresh parsley (A,H)  (1) (2) vegan


“Wos feines”  oven roasted carrots on beluga lentils topped with feta & fresh herbs (G)  (1) (2) glutenfree, optional vegan


“Mexican Style”  tacos with jasmin rice, tomato salsa, guacamole & sour cream dip (G) (1) (2) glutenfree, optional vegan


“Un giorno italiano” tagliatelle with garden vegetables & fresh tarragon (A) (1) (2) vegan


“Yummy Tummy” chickpea pancakes topped with golden roasted onions, grilled cherry tomatoes, fresh thyme & créme fraîche (C,G) (1) (2) glutenfree

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