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(1) Supporting and strengthening spices for the immune system

(2) Garlic purifies the blood and strengthens the immune system

Our article Garlic, turmeric and the like against coronavirus?» sums up in a very fascinating way modern scientific studies and the practical knowledge of the traditional naturopathy so that we are able to protect us even more und know what supports our immune system. 

We use this knowledge in our kitchen. 

“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”Hippokrates, greek doctor 


Rootpower” braised vegetables from the oven (carrots, parsnips, eggplants, beets) on herbal baguett with basel dip

(A,L,M,N) vegan (1)


Alpenwiese” grilled halloumi cheese with cucumber-tomato-salsa and quinoa salad

(G,H,M,L,N,F) (1)


Sunshine Smile” backed sweet potato-sesame-balls on coconut lemongras vegetables and sprouts

(A,M,L) vegan (1)


Wos Gscheidspumpkin schnitzel, warm potato salad with spinach, braised cherry tomatoes and cranberry-dip

(A,C,G,M,L) (1)


Grow and Glow” tomato-polenta-dumplings with bell pepper-zucchini-ragout, fresh basil, roasted sunflower seeds and frisée lettuce

(C,H,L,M) glutenfrei (1)

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