Green = Vegan


Mon-Thu from 8am till 11am, Fri-Sun whole day

Our following products are organic: yogurt, soy, oat flakes, muesli flakes, butter, jam, honey, smoked tofu, vegan ham made from tofu and seitan, local eggs.
Furthermore we use real Canadian maple syrup, and salt from the Himalaya region, all natural.
“Sweety” americano, ciabatta bread, butter and jam 5,80 €  
“Continental” americano, ciabatta bread, butter and gouda 6,70 €
“Under the Eiffel Tower” caffe latte, French croissant, butter, jam and soft boiled egg 8,50 €
“The Heart of Joy Breakfast” chai latte with rice milk, homemade spread, vegan butter, vegan ham, two bread and vegetable sticks 9,40 €
“The Heart of Joy Breakfast for 2” 16,80 €
“Vegan Delight” soy latte, vegan ham, porridge with fruits, vegan butter, jam and spelt bread 9,80 €
“Fit” organic green tea, porridge with fruits, 2 slices of spelt bread, butter, gouda, cream cheese and honey 10,40 €
“Enjoy Yourself Breakfast” cappuccino, bread variation, butter, jam, gouda, cream cheese and organic soft boiled egg 13,20 €
“Vedic Breakfast” fresh squeezed carrot-apple-ginger-juice, Tulsi-tea (Indian holy basil), ayurvedic porridge with banana, cardamom, cinnamon, maple syrup and fresh fruits 14,40 €
“Gourmet Breakfast” – for two : 2 cappuccinos, XL bread variation, butter, jam, honey, gouda, camembert, cream cheese, 2 organic soft boiled eggs & 2 fresh orange juices 24,70 €
French Breakfast Toast with maple syrup and fresh fruits 8,50€
Porridge vegan, warm organic oat flakes with fresh fruits, cinnamon, cardamom, maple syrup 7,90 €
Superfood Porridge vegan, warm organic oat flakes with organic chia, organic goji, fresh fruits, cinnamon, cardamom and maple syrup 9,40 €
French Butter Croissant 2,10 €

Soups from 11:30 am

free from yeast small large
Daily Soup, mostly gluten free and vegan 4,10 € 5,20 €
Lentil Soup with organic red lentils, gluten free and vegan 4,30 € 5,60 €

Main Dishes from 11:30 am

Organic Lentils with Basmati rice and salad, gluten free 8,50 €  
Vegetable Quiche with organic rice and mixed salad 10,70 €
Curry of the Day with Basmati rice, gluten free 9,90 €
Falafel Wrap filled with vegetables, homemade falafel and Tahini-sauce, mixed salad on the side 11,50 €  

Omeletts & more – available the whole day

with organic eggs and Himalayan salt
Cheese omelette 2 eggs with ciabatta & butter 8,30 €  
Farmer’s omelette 2 eggs with onions, fresh vegetables, mushrooms, ciabatta & butter 9,70 €
Scrambled eggs 2 eggs with ciabatta & butter 5,80 €
Sunny side up eggs 2 eggs with ciabatta & butter 6,70 €
Organic soft boiled egg 2,10 €
Gluten free bread available extra charge 1,00 €

Ciabatta, toasted – whole day available

Mozzarella with pesto, fresh tomatoes, basil 5,90 €  
Goat cheese with pesto, fresh tomatoes, lettuce 6,30 €  
The Heart of Joy vegan ham made from seitan and tofu, tomato, lettuce, mustard, extra virgin olive oil 6,70 €  
Tofu warm tofu, tomato, lettuce, mustard, extra virgin olive oil 6,30 €  

Fresh salads from 11:30 am

with vegan homemade vinaigrette dressing, organic pumpkin seeds, organic sun flower seeds, organic smoked tofu, exclusive French goat cheese
Mixed salad vegan and gluten free 6,40 €  
green salad, tomato, cucumber, carrot, beetroot  
“The Heart of Joy” salad gluten free 11,90 €
green salad, tomato, carrot, beetroot, pumpkin seeds, mustard vinaigrette and bread – with fried goat cheese or fried tofu  


All homemade with organic spelt flour or gluten free, raw cane sugar, organic agave, organic milk, organic cashews, organic dried fruits and local eggs, vegan options
Apple cake sugar free with “Birch gold” xylitol 4,00 €  
Berry nut cake 3,80 €
Choco muffin 3,10 €
Carrot almond cake gluten free 3,60 €
Organic Brownie gluten free 2,50 €
Green Cashew Raw cake with dried fruits and a breeze of organic wheat grass, organic spiraling and sprouts, sugar free, gluten free, with a breeze of agave syrup, tropic lemon and berry taste 4,00 €
Red Cashew Raw cake with dried fruits and forest berries, gluten free, sugar free, with a breeze of agave syrup, tastes like berry cheese cake 4,00 €
add organic whipped cream /soy cream
 0,80 €
add a scoop of vanilla ice or soy vanilla ice
  1,30 €
Ask for our daily special cake!  

Hot Drinks & Coffee from Prem

Filtered and energized water by Swiss Ojas system, fresh milk or soy-, rice- & cereal milk, raw cane sugar, agave syrup, high quality xylitol (birch sugar) from European leaf trees and Canadian maple syrup (all organically grown). Decaffeinated options for all coffee drinks available!

Espresso / Espresso macchiato 2,80 € 3,10 €
Espresso large / Espresso macchiato large 4,20 € 4,60 €
Affogato espresso with vanilla ice 4,20 €  
Americano 3,30 €  
Cappuccino 3,70 €  
Cappuccino large/ Latte large 5,20 €  
Latte espresso with milk 3,90 €  
Latte macchiato served in a glass 4,20 €  
Cortado strong coffee latte 4,70 €  
Organic grain-coffee caffeine free, like latte 4,20 €  
Coco chi-coffee coffee with Reishi, Coconut and Guarana 4,20 €  
Coco chi-coffee-latte 4,20 €  
Ice-Coffee coffee with vanilla ice-cream and whipped cream
optional vegan with soy vanilla ice-cream and soy whipped cream
7,30 €
7,30 €
Coco Chi Ice-Coffee chi coffee with vanilla ice-cream and organic ice-cream, whipped cream, optional vegan 7,50 €
Hot lemon water fresh squeezed organic lemon 3,40 €  
Hot ginger water with fresh organic ginger, lemon and honey 3,80 €  
Vitamin Punsch goji, blueberries and organic mango juice with cinnamon, rich in vitamins and minerals 5,10 €  
Hot chocolate organic and fair-trade 4,50 €  


Chai-Latte “Celestial Seasonings Tea”
black tea with Indian spices & milk
3,90 €  
Ayurvedic Herbal Teas 3,90 €  
Tulsi: for immune system
Bodhi: for inner peace
Shunti: for stomach
Classic organic teas
Green, Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Peppermint, Fruit, Herbal
3,90 €  

Cold drinks

Tap water filtered with Swiss Ojas-System 0,25l 0,50 €  
Mineral water quality spring water sparkling or still, bottled 0,33l 2,90 €
Soda lemon with fresh squeezed lemon, unsweetened 0,25/0,5l 2,80 € 3,80 €
Cocowell 100% pure coconut water 0,33l 3,70 €  
Chia-Cocowell organic Chia seeds with coconut water 0,5l 4,90 €  
Chia-pineapple organic Chia seeds with pineapple juice, rich in Omega-3 and anti-oxidants 0,25l 3,90 €
Chia-mango organic Chia seeds with organic mango juice, rich in Omega-3 and anti-oxidants 0,25l 3,90 €  
Vitamin Cocktail bearberries, blueberries, goji berries & more. (0,33l) 4,80 €  
Hippokrates Power green drink from organic wheat grass, organic sprouts and spirulina with berry taste 0,25l 4,90 €  

Juice – Freshly made

“Slow Food” made with a slow “Angel Juicer” 0,25l 4,70 €  
big five apple, carrot, orange, ginger % beetroot
triple apple, carrot, ginger
pure carrot or orange
Organic Juices unfiltered and 100% vegan  
Pineapple, black currant, mango, apple pure 0,25l 3,50 €
with filtered and energised tap water 0,25l / 0,5l 2,90 € 3,90 €
with soda water 0,25l / 0,5l 2,90 € 3,80 €
(Pineapple is conventional juice, directly squeezed)  
Elder Syrup organic with concentrated apple syrup from Sonnentor, sugar free
Organic Kombucha Chi – organic fruit kombucha from Switzerland, not pasteurized 0,25l 3,20 €

Organic Sodas

now Black Cola full taste with guarana, without phosphoric acid 0,33l 3,50 €  
now Fresh Lemon tingly fresh lemon flavor 0,33l 3,50 €
Zisch Rhubarb sweetened with grape juice, sugar free 0,33l 3,50 €

Organic Lassi

Indian yogurt drink with mango and cardamom, homemade 0,25l 3,60 €  

Organic Beer alcohol free

Regular Beer gluten free 0,33l 3,80 €  
Dark wheat beer isotonic, contains vitamins, protects against free radicals, detoxifies, strengthens the immune system 0,5l 3,90 €

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