Good News

In our blog Good News you find interesting background reports concerning our restaurant as well as informations about concerts, meditation classes and meditation weekends in The Heart of Joy and other places. They are always free of charge due to true yoga tradition.

Musicians from Austria and international ensembles play the meditative and soulful compositions of Sri Chinmoy in our restaurant.

We wish you an uplifting and peaceful stay in The Heart of Joy.

concert for meditation

Concert for Meditation

The swiss female choir "Mountain Silence" is visiting us and offers us a meditative concert evening. Our vegan-vegetarian restaurant "The Heart of Joy" is the perfect location to celebrate an evening of peace and harmony. The spiritual songs…
meditation class for free

Learn Meditation

This octobre we start another free meditation class. Join our meditation evenings and experience vastness, calmness, peace and joy. Meditation helps us to balance our being - to look at life in a positive way - to observe rather than to…
free piano and flute concert

Piano and Flute Concert

We happily invite you to a very special concert tomorrow - 6th of october - in The Heart of Joy Café. The internationally well known composer and pianist Gina Lenée Perkins and highly apprecciated musician and composer Premik Russel Tubbs …
free sitar concert

Sitar Concert

Meditation - Here and now - Peace We are very happy to invite you to our Indian Sitar Concert. Spiritual music helps us to elevate our consciousness, calm our mind, enter into our heart and experience the moment - live here and now -…
meditation concert

Concert for meditation

We are very happy to invite you to another peaceful and meditative event in our vegan and vegetarian Restaurant The Heart of Joy. In october the 26th at 8:30 pm the men choir "Mahashakti" from the Sri Chinmoy Centre will offer us a meditative…