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Corona: proven effective prevention & treatment.

Are there now scientifically or experientially proven medicines and natural substances to effectively protect against or treat a Corona infection? About 31 per cent of Corona patients are vaccinated, according to data from the Robert Koch Institute from the beginning of November. Among intensive care patients, about 20 per cent were vaccinated. How can people […]

Garlic and the like against coronavirus?

Do antiviral herbs really exist? On 2 April 2020 a team of researchers from various universities in Vietnam published the results of biochemical simulations which “suggested that” 17 compounds found in garlic are“a valuable natural antivirus source, which contributes to preventing the invasion of coronavirus into the human body.” (1). Which plants help prevent or […]

The Organic Coffeehouse in Salzburg

If you are mindful of your health, love nature and your fellow human beings, then The Heart of Joy Café in Salzburg might just be the place for you. No matter whether you live just around the corner or you come from afar. And even if you are just eager to enjoy a scrumptious piece […]

Free Concert: Kamalakanta and Friends

We are very happy to invite you to a very special concert: The ensemble Kamalakanta & Friends plays and arranges on synthesizer, flute and Indian harmonium the spiritual music of Sri Chimnoy, who composed over 23,000 devotional songs to inspire us to seek for inner peace and joy. Kamalakanta, born in Puerto Rico and now […]

Top Breakfast in Salzburg

If you use the Tripadvisor to search for ‘The best restaurants for breakfast in Salzburg’, you will find The Heart of Joy right there at the top of the list. In the firmament of Google Maps, 4.6 out of 5 stars are allotted to the café/restaurant and it has been graced with many hundreds of […]

Our organic coffee

Our guests love our coffee. We use a coffee machine of the Italian company La Cimbali to create our tasty coffee. La Cimbali has a history of over a 100 years in producing professional coffee machines. Are you adventurous? Then try our delicious fairtrade coffee with organic vegan milk. You can choose between Rice, Soy […]